We are all born seeking connections, and we build up and treasure a range of moments with people in which we feel connected. As someone enters the later stages of dementia their ways of connecting may change. In the Treasure Project we believe that the possibility for connection remains, that there are gems to be found and that feeling connected is the treasure we seek.

We have developed two sets of resources, Valuables and Treasure Hunt, which explore the topic of connecting with people in the later stages of dementia.

The thinking and ideas behind these resources have been inspired by the stunning work of the Elderflowers (Hearts and Minds),  who are therapeutic arts practitioners who work with people living with dementia. For more about the Elderflowers visit www.heartminds.org.uk.


 THe Treasure  Resource collection

 Further details about the Valuables and Treasure Hunt resources can be found below.

All of the Treasure Resources are free to download or use online.


The ‘Valuables’ set of resources have been created to invite people to consider how  they think about the connections that are possible with people with later stage dementia. While they have been designed for people who may not have had a previous experience of being around people in the later stages of dementia, they may be of use who are interested in enhancing awareness about dementia.

treasure hunt

The ‘Treasure Hunt’ resources have been created with family members, friends and carers of people in the later stages of dementia in mind. The resources offer a bundle of ideas for people to use during online visits with people with dementia, which may go some way in creating opportunities for connection.



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