Warm welcome to ‘Valuables ’- a set of resources developed as part of the Treasure project.

What kind of Valuables are we talking of?

Our valuables are: words, images and stories. We believe that there is real value in tapping in to words, images and stories when exploring ideas, perceptions and assumptions we might hold around connecting with people living with later stage dementia.

 About the Valuables Resources

 At the heart of the resources is the belief that there are gems to be found when connecting with people living with later stage dementia, and that the words & images we choose to use, and stories we tell can help these gems to be recognised and celebrated.

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1. Mind the Gap

In this resource there are gaps that need to be filled; you will ‘mind the gap’ by thinking about and playing around with various words and phrases in order to fill the gaps.

The main purpose of this resource is to get people thinking about ideas we have about what it might be like to have advanced dementia, as well as thinking about the words we’d like to use and hear other people use in relation to advanced dementia.

2. Making Connections

This resource takes you through an activity where you use your imagination to create images of what ‘making connection’ looks and feels like for you. It is not specific to connecting with people with advanced dementia; it relates to ‘making connection’ with people in your everyday life.

3. Found Connections

Found Connections is a collection of 3 stories, Hand on Heart, Positive Purpose and Moved by Eye Movements. Each story gives accounts of the types of connections that can be found with people living with advanced dementia.

This resource invites you to use each story as the basis to think about your thoughts and opinions on connecting with people with advanced dementia. The story, information and questions in these three resources are designed to offer surprises and new insights into the types of connection that are possible.


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