Re-storing is a resource for personal reflection, which has been designed to invite you to take time to think over your visit with your family member/friend. 
The name Re-Storing has been chosen for two reasons.

1. To bring to mind what you valued in the visit and bits you would like to store away as a memory or useful piece of information to bring to future visits. 

2. That it is possible that the online visit had challenging moments, and/or brought up strong emotions and that you might value a little time to restore yourself after this.


The purpose of this resource is to offer a structure for thinking back over the visit and the things you would like to hold on to from the visit, and anything you might like to let go of.

Suggested Time for this Resource: 10 mins.


WHAT’s involved?

Setting Yourself Up:

  1. Re-Storing builds on other activities within the Treasuring group of resources- particularly the ‘Tuning in to Yourself’ resource. If you have used Tuning in to Yourself prior to the visit with your family member/friend you may want to refer back to your notes.

  2. Is there anything that would bring comfort to you while doing this activity-for example, sitting in your favourite chair, a warm drink, music playing in the background etc. 

  3. You may prefer to record yourself responding to be prompts below, or use the prompts when having a chat with someone about how the visit went.


Below are five questions for this reflective time. You may choose to respond to all or some of the questions.

Which of these Emotion Words fits with how you felt during the visit? (there may be other words not included that you would like to add).

Is there anything you’d like to say about why you felt this during the visit?

Was there something you noticed or learned about your family member/friend that you would like to hold on to?

Anything from the visit you would like to let go of?

Is there something you would like to do to support yourself today?


Was there one small treasure, a thought, emotion, experience, from your time together that you would like to hold on to for yourself or share with others. 
If one comes to mind, you could include it in your Treasure Chest.

Sources of Support and Information for Family and Friends of People Living with Dementia 


Alzheimer Scotland – 24 hour Freephone Dementia Helpline, 0808 808 3000

Age UK – advice line, 0800 678 1602

TIDE – together in dementia, 0141 353 5607

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